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Artist in Residency ~ The Joy of Writing with Children

This I Believe

When fearful natures tend to dominate, and are sadly all too frequently allowed to over shadow the joy of being present; only the purest of heart will be able to create the positive shift that truly changes the world. This is always the calling for each new generation; to preserve, and encourage every positive, compassionate thought, deed, and expression of love and reason; children possess this capability in what I call natural velocity.

I believe now more than ever, that occupying a child with multi-disciplined creative endeavors at an early age, helps to make them well–rounded, successful adults. By engaging in happy and productive life themes gives them choices that provide lifelong social and academic skills. The students collaborate with each other exuberance on their stories; I call this, United Imaginations. This process teaches them to take their ideas from thought to paper, and to work as a team sharing their ideas.

The theme is purposed by me and from there they create characters that are original, no existing iconic heroes, and their super powers have to be non-violent. The next step is to generate their plot, what is it that they are trying to accomplish, what kind of actions would the protagonists take to make that happen, and what dialogue would they have? These are all written down on a huge flip board or white screen. If they able to write, they copy the outline from the board.

If there is art work or illustrations:

I take the outline home and write their story with page illustration ideas. I read it to them, if there is time in the workshop they are in a power point that I read through with them and talk about possible pictures they might want to draw. I ask who would like to draw a particular illustration, sometimes I assign them. We all create a story board if there is time, or I arrange the pages into the final book after I prepped the art work, by taking out the pencil lines after scanning them

“All true education is the drawing out from the student what is already there. Teaching is never about helping others to learn but about helping them to remember. All learning is remembering. All teaching is reminding. All lessons are memories – Neale Donald Walsh

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