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Imagination with hands-on workshops.

Laura Botsford

 I believe now more than ever, that occupying a child with creative endeavors at an early age helps to make well–rounded, successful adults. - Laura Botsford


 For details please visit me on the AAC website All available Grants with matching funds from the Arkansas Arts Council mini-grants up to a thousand dollars available. Afterschool Program - Life Long Learning - Artist in Residency mini-grants


   Laura resides in Southeast Arkansas and has been writing books and plays with children for twenty-four years. She studied Child Development in college and worked in a Summer Program at the Minneapolis Children's Theater.

  "Books are a world all unto themselves and writing them takes us places we never knew of before in a collaborative process that is a vital life long skill. 

   There is something truly wonderful about holding a book in one's hands that you know you were a part of. It is the quintessential time capsule of a special passage in one's life."   - Laura Botsford

    I am a multi-disciplinary artist with the Arkansas Arts Council.  I've written 15 plays with children and a radio script with her Delta-community. Self-published books with schools Lakeside Poetry Book, Truth in Changing Stars with the children at Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services, and four illustrated adventure storybooks with children. The Magical Sunflower, Portland Power Tales, Eudoraium and The Plotwit Tales with J. Austin White Cultural Center in Eudora, Arkansas. And four of my own, She Journeys, Unicorn Giraffe, You Are and My Little Sunshine.

   Her United Imaginations Workshops provides children of all ages with collaborative writing and illustration skills. Her mellifluous approach to teaching theater craft, creative writing is infused with well being and moral lessons. She is also available for speaking engagements and Arts in Education workshops for teachers, PTO's and administrators in the Art of Writing with Children.  

 united imaginations workshops

An Imagination is a terrible thing to waste

.   Laura studied at the McPhail School of Performing Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and taught a summer early childhood Arts program at the Minneapolis Children's Theater- Attended El Camino College, majoring in Early Childhood Education and Development. She attended Workshops in Theater Classroom, Curriculum Enrichment, classes for Autistic, Hearing Impaired and for Behaviorally challenged students. She is a graduate of the Governors Leadership School.


"Working with Laura this summer was an absolute blast. The kids in our summer camp loved seeing their ideas turned into words on the page that they were able to illustrate themselves. She remained in constant communication during the production of the book and worked quickly and diligently to get the book published. Now our campers have a memento to remember camp by - along with the joy of reading, writing and drawing! I look forward to working with her again and would recommend her for any programs working with children."

  Executive Director- Seth Paddock

J. Austin White Cultural Center

 - Seth Paddock,

Executive Director


 Play - Drama magic nations productions

 Play Productions for All Ages - Matching Mini Grant Information

 Scheduling can be spread out to fit classroom hours


  * Workshop for Basic Acting and Play/Writing/Production

 1 to 10 days    50.00 half day - 100.00 full day

 Production Performance  $800.00 to $1,000 

 10 to 40 children - includes music, costume, and sets made

with teachers or staff assistance. Matching funds from Arts Council Mini-Grants are available.

 Time can spread out and all collaborations are welcomed. 


Book Workshop

5 to 10-day Workshop to fit your schedules.  $800.00 to $1,000.00 depending on the length of the book.

Includes editing and a  book listed on and Amazon with an ISBN number. Matching Grant gives pays half.

            The Power of Make and Believe 



Neverlands Inc Arts ~ 501 c 3 Nonprofit

DUNS # 968154364   EIN Number 71- 0729201

Serving Creative Community Spirit

Vision Statement                                                                                           


   Neverlands Inc. aspires to:

* Inspire communities with artistic spirit.   

 * Administer programs and events in the area, schools and community events that enrich the lives of all ages in mind, body, and cultural growth that support and encourages individual imagination and well being.


 We believe that great community programming offers all ages' entertainment, enrichment, resources, inspiration and community investment.

We value the artist in individuals, whose task is the transformation of the realities of human experience into artistic and poetic truth.


Strengthening capability with hands-on workshops and events that will expand an appreciation of culture, history, and health by integrating the arts into everyday life.


We invest in rigorous attention to detail in all areas of community development, knowing it is essential to consider all in year long program planning that best serves the community as a whole.


We act in collaboration, believing a partnership between the administrative and citizen arms of our community is essential.


We seek to operate the organization from a position of financial strength and fiscal responsibility.


Laura Botsford - President   Stephanie Crouse -Treasuerer

Inspiring words from the author of Rebuilding The Front Porch of America by Patrick Overton on community cultural development.
book link here
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