Laura Botsford

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Laura Botsford Artist in Education with the Arkansas Arts Council. Creator of published books and plays with and for children.

    Her mellifluous approach to teaching theater craft and literature is infused with well-being and moral lessons. She is also available for speaking engagements and Arts in Education workshops for teachers, PTO's and administrators in the Art of Writing with Children. "This is a fantastic concept - having children create their own books within a structured program that, nevertheless, permits them to utilize every aspect of their imagination and then experiences the great satisfaction of seeing their creations materialize to be shared by others.

- Lois Duncan, Author

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   Journey of Fairy Tales 

    $32.00 with shipping

signed copies on the author website

Barnes and Noble

Balboa Press


Vera Lloyd Family Services

 Fairy Tale Music Box is a  song celebrating imagination and the power of Make and Believe by Laura Botsford. The Song can be bought here with all proceeds going to Neverlands Inc., a non-profit supporting the arts in the rural Delta. Donate whatever you wish. 

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Our Classes
   The collective consciousness in a workshop is a playable presence. Any teacher will tell you that each class is uniquely different. It is important to tailor each of the workshops to the needs of each student and the class as a whole. It is important to me to engage students that may be shy, handicapable, or have learning disabilities.

  I am trained in teaching children that are learning challenged, hearing impaired, and autistic.

    I also am at your service for speaking at administrative and teacher workshops in generating creative enhancement within your curriculum.


 united imaginations workshops


  • Book Writing and Illustration

  • Calendar Art

  • Poetry Books

  • Acting and Theater Production

  • Community Radio Show

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Mask Making

  • Arts and Crafts mixed media

  • Guitar

  • Voice

  • Beginner Piano

  • Speaking Engagements and Workshops for staff and groups

  • Writing with Children - PUBLISHING

  • Creativity in the Classroom - Round Table and Hands-on Activities

  • Behavioral Workshops


 Self Esteem Books for ages 1 to 4

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   For a little boy who is everything to you, straight out of Heaven, and your hearts' delight. The book is fully illustrated with animals and captions such as, "Frisky as a Frog, Daring as a Dragon, Clever as a Fox." that truly inspires and supports well being in a boy who is loved by many.
 Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm 
 # of Pages: 20    $20.00
      All the love and excitement of a newborn baby girl comes alive as Mama Bee reads to her daughter how she was meant to be. Vibrantly illustrated with a keepsake picture page for one's own sweet bee.
Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
# of Pages: 22             $20.00

Unicorn Giraffe book ~ at Blurb 7x7 size Full Color

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Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services

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Poetry and heartfelt Free Verse from the very talented children at Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services in Monticello, Arkansas. summer of  2020 

Buy and donate all proceeds to Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Services on

                   $10.00 softcover

  • Primary Category: Poetry

  • Additional Categories Self-ImprovementEducation

  • Project Option: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    # of Pages: 30

  • Publish Date: Sep 09, 2020

  • Language English

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Quiet ~ Featuring Angel Mills
Original Plays for your school or center that is co-written by your own students is a terrific engagement in the spirit of co-creating and teamwork. They will learn how to act, stage presence, and production. Teachers can utilize this class for incorporating their curriculum within the play. Art and Music is also a feature of this workshop. For more information please contact us for all the details to create your own original production in the theater arts.

Lois Duncan - Author

"This is a fantastic concept, having children create their own books within a structured program that, nevertheless, permits them to utilize every aspect of their imagination and then experience the great satisfaction of seeing their creations materialize to be shared by others."

"Hi Laura: Thank you for such a wonderful note! I've sent Portland Power Tales  out to the entire studio to enjoy. 
 Hope everyone has a safe and productive New Year!"

Thanks again.

 - Linda Zazza

Director of Facilities
Blue Sky Studios, Inc.


Secret Garden

"We enjoyed listening to the children sing the lovely lyrics you wrote to our song, Frozen in Time"

 Fionnuala and Rolf


 united imaginations workshops

    with Laura Botsford


Speaking Engagement

Writing with Children

two-hour session $200.00

plus travel expenses and lodging

AIE After School and Summer Residencies

      These mini-grants help fund placing professional artists in residencies outside the school environment, school day, or school year. The settings include after-school and summer programs and can be located in community centers, low-income housing projects, juvenile facilities, social service centers, parks and recreation programs, boys and girls clubs, and other community-based or governmental organizations and institutions. The grant is available as a matching grant of up to $10,000. Contact the Arts in Education Program manager for more information.

Drekkia Morning

Arts in Education Program Manager


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